#StayHome. It’s that f***ing simple.

Hola, como estas? How is everyone coping in isolation? It’s safe to say I’m going slightly mental, hence why I think I can start this post speaking in Spanish. Someone who lived in Spain for a year who didn’t learn a single word, apart from the basics and ‘Una cerveza por favor?’, even just writing that, I think I’ve made a fool of myself. Anyways…

Let’s reminisce for a moment and travel back in time to the beginning of this year. Everyone was posting on Instagram, reliving their best moments of the past decade; posting old pictures of themselves and ridiculing their looks for sake of minuscule entertainment. I was one of those people. I travelled back in time to 2010 where I was wearing horrendous versions of flannel, thinking it was cool with an equally atrocious haircut. Everyone had this down as a promising year; a fresh new start, I even wrote a full blog post for once on it!

We even had the man himself, Boris Johnson try and foresee the future by thinking this is going to be a ‘fantastic year for Britain’…

Certainly not ageing well in this current crisis… Moving away from politics, I just wanted to check-in here, write up something, put my thought out onto virtual paper in order to keep myself sane before the cabin fever well and truly sets in.

I have been in isolation for 2 weeks now. I started off thinking I could hack this and go through it without any trouble, however, it soon hits you. Luckily, I’m living at home so I’m not alone. I’ve got my parents to talk to; Mum and I now share an office… the dining room table to be precise. I’m also quite lucky I can do my job from home; social media isn’t important in the middle of a crisis, but it’s keeping me inline during the week, without it, I would become a slob and my brain would go into a state of nothingness. My brother and I have started going out running in the mornings. If anything, that’s one of the main things that’s keeping my sanity from going over the edge. I don’t think anyone truly realised how lucky they were until everything was taken away from them. I think after all of this has blown over, people should have a different mindset about how they go about their daily lives.

As much as I hate Boris with a passion, we have to listen to his rules. I’ll admit; I was ignorant at the beginning of the pandemic, but as soon as I realised the scale of it, you have to take actions to keep loved-ones around you safe. I’m fortunate to still have my grandparents around. They live across the road from me, it’s a very strange situation to be in. I’m having to tell my grandad off for even stepping foot outside of his house! They didn’t really grasp at first how large of a scale it was but now they know. Luckily, my grandad has got the garden to keep himself somewhat occupied. Very odd that I can’t see them during this time, even though they only live across from me, but we have to do what we have to do in order to keep ourselves safe.

There are some idiots out there though. I’ve been seeing people having picnics in the park local to me, I’ve even seen ice-cream vans selling lollies and food trucks selling coffee. It baffles me that people are still being ignorant. How difficult is it to stay home?! Honestly. Comply to the rules and all of this will be over sooner rather than later. You can live without simple luxuries for the time being.

The people we should be applauding is those on the frontline of the NHS and those having to do jobs to keep the world moving. I recently found out I have friends and family on the frontline of the NHS, doing all they can to prevent this going further. My godmother and one of my cousins, who recently had to cancel her wedding, are aiding patients in serious conditions from the virus. They’re having to get suited and booted every day and make sure that this virus doesn’t effect anymore people than it already has. It’s scary. Like I said before, it’s a very odd situation to be in. This hasn’t happened before in my lifetime or even in my parents lifetime. It’s one of those situations that is unavoidable.

Right, I think that’s it from me before I go on and on; I’ll try and make this a weekly thing.

Stay home, people. It’s not difficult. Do it for your loved-ones. Do it for those that are putting their lives at risk to keep you safe. I’ll be here, at home, watching endless amounts of Netflix and reliving my childhood by playing Pokemon constantly. I’ve got a 100 movie bucket list to get through and I’ll be keeping in touch with friends by pestering them through any contactable means possible. I’m keeping myself occupied, and so should you.


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