So… New decade, huh?

So, it’s been a while… it feels very odd to write out my thoughts onto a keyboard again, but after all, it is a new year, a new decade even, might write out some resolutions and completely f*** it half way through the year. Oh wait, I already done that last year.

My last post was in May. It didn’t really go to plan, did it? Started the year on a resolution, ended up failing it by May, which, if you think about it, happens all the time with everyone. So, I’m just adding myself to that failure pile for 2019, maybe getting further than most but I don’t think I should be proud of that achievement. Reading back on my new year’s resolutions from last year, it’s safe to say, most of them were incomplete.

Write more (very incomplete)

In 2018, I wrote 70 blog posts. In 2019, I wrote… wait for it… 13 blog posts.

It’s quite humorous to look back on what I previously wrote, writing with such promise that I would achieve much more within my blog writing. If you want to have a good laugh, give it a read. I’m sat here laughing to myself with my dog staring at me, thinking I’m bat-shit crazy, but that happens most days to be honest.

Will I write more this year? I hope so. I enjoy typing out my thoughts, even if they don’t make sense sometimes. I definitely want to get back into my film critiquing, even if it’s more informal than most reviews you read on certified publications. I’ve been saying to people all year through word of mouth and even in my social profiles that I am a ‘self-confessed film critic’. That would be true if I wrote any. Maybe I can beat my 13 posts from last year and see where I get.

Restart making videos (nope)

This one is a weird one for me. Like, I can give you excuse and you will be like ‘fair enough’. The thing is, I gave that excuse last year, so it can’t really work twice, can it?

My friends and I got together at the beginning of the year to start filming some videos. We filmed a cool challenge around London where we split into teams and had a forfeit at the end to make it all “youtubey” and “clickbaity”. That’s what the kids say, right? That didn’t come out to anything or anyone in the end; surprise, surprise. I was landed with the responsibility of editing one of the videos and admittedly, started editing – but never finished. Apologies, James, Tom and Eddie (if you’re reading this).

I think it was a huge challenge for all of us, too big for us to begin with. We set the bar high and never had the chance of reaching it, looking back on it. I did, throughout the year, create some of my own projects that I have been brainstorming of sorts. As expected though, they were put on hold. Work commitments were pushed to the forefront and personal development was left on the back-burners.

A picture for proof that it did happen…

Concentrate more on fitness (somewhat, yes, half a thumbs up)

I have improved on this throughout the year of 2019. There were periods of the year where I was waking up early to go to the gym, taking in healthy smoothies to work, eating somewhat better – but then everyday life and changes to schedules took over and it’s difficult to reintroduce those commitments into your regime.

I wouldn’t give it a solid fail, but I do need to crack down on it a bit better for sure.

Learn how to play guitar (epic fail)

I bought a guitar at the start of the year, it hasn’t been opened up again since. Do I need to say anymore?

It’s now in the family loft where objects go to die, I might bring it back to life this year, if I muster up the confidence and the energy.

Visit university friends around the country (solid pass)

If there is one thing I have done this year, it’s to see good friends, hang out and generally catch-up. Being in full-time work and spending every hour of every day with the same people can be, for anyone, quite overwhelming. To organise time with friends, away from work, was the relief I needed this year. I’m quite glad I have such a good group of friends and I hope to see them more this year and years to come. Those that I didn’t see last year, I’m coming for you. Not in a weird way though.

In conclusion

Do I give myself new year’s resolutions this year? I don’t think I need to, I will keep these ones as promises to myself for the decade. Over the next 10 years, I would like to make this a successful blog. I would like to be making videos, films, documentaries in whatever way, shape or form possible. I would absolutely love to play guitar, especially My Girl by George Ezra. There are so many projects I want to do for myself but why limit them to do in one year? I’m in no rush to get them complete. I’m 23, why put pressure myself? I’ve always had ambitions, anyone that knows me will know this. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be and I will be successful in what I want to become. Is that big-headed? Probably, but I have an abnormally large head anyways, so it won’t make any difference to me.

Anyways, Happy New Year. Here’s to the next decade…

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