Oscars 2019: Where did it all go wrong?

It’s been a few days since the Oscars were awarded. I may have been slow reacting to this but I was genuinely speechless to wake up to what actually won. Where do I even begin? I thought I had this down, I had my predictions and I was dead-set on them winning but to be honest, I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Maybe I should just accept the fact they won… but I’m still going to rant about it nevertheless. To see my predictions, check out my post on What the Flick, I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Bohemian Rhapsody wins 4 Oscars?!

Is this some sort of joke? Really funny Oscars, you pulled a fast one on us there. Okay, I’ll let you off when it comes to sound editing and mixing but best film editing? The editing was clunky and if anything, it should have won the award for most editing on a film needed. This one simple clip justifies that; 52 cuts within a 1 minute 20? If you wanted to make an audience feel sick and nauseous during a film then you sure did that.

Also, Rami Malek winning Best Actor – yes, he had a great performance within the film, but in my personal opinion, it doesn’t deserve an Oscar. You had the likes of Christian Bale, who I was dead certain he would win by putting every ounce of commitment into his role for Dick Cheney. I would have even put Bradley Cooper ahead of Rami Malek. Again, this is just my personal opinion, but I did not genuinely believe he deserved an Oscar this year.

The Favourite wins 1 out of 10 nominations?

It’s no surprise that Olivia Coleman won Best Actress at this year’s awards. Her performance in The Favourite undoubtedly deserves to be recognised. What baffles me is how can a film like this be nominated for 10 awards yet only win 1?

Admittedly, it’s hard to stand out in a category like Best Director for Yorgos Lanthimos. When you have Spike Lee with BlacKkKlansman and Adam McKay with Vice either side of you, it is pretty difficult. Alfonso Cuarón won the award and somewhat deserved it with his directing on Roma. I am slightly biased towards Lanthimos and his work so it may just be bitterness on my behalf.

In other news, Green Book for Best Original Screenplay? I’ll just have to agree to disagree on that front. Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone were both beaten to the award by If Beale Street Could Talk actress, Regina King. I’m not a betting man but surely the odds are in favour for The Favourite actresses. It lost on production design to Black Panther? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t most of Black Panther a bunch of special effects? Black Panther, from my perspective, is very overrated for what it is and it seems to only be in the awards because of how much press and talk it got from the public. There were much better films from last year that could have easily replaced it – IndieWire took note of all the best-rejected films from last year and it’s very surprising how many were looked over.

The award for Best Picture goes to… Green Book?

Now, Green Book happens to be the only film I haven’t seen or reviewed myself, just my luck. Most of my opinion has been based on the reviews I have read and the backlash it has received from Twitter. To be quite frank, I didn’t see it being top of the table. In my mind, The Favourite was bound to win, BlacKkKlansman would have been a worthy winner and Vice had an even better chance. As for the rest, I did not see them coming anywhere close but the film did sure cause an upset.

The film had its controversial issues. The film was written and directed by Peter Farrelly — who is white. The movie has since been accused of presenting the story through a problematic white gaze and focusing the story around Lip’s experiences, rather than Shirley’s. This focus was shown in the nominations too, with Mortensen up for Best Actor and Ali nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

The biggest controversy though, which tainted the film’s development from the off, regards Twitter posts from the film’s co-writer Nick Vallelonga. In 2015 the writer falsely claimed that he saw Muslims in New Jersey publicly celebrating on 9/11. The tweet is especially damning given the sensitive nature of the film’s subject matter — and the fact that it’s star Ali is an Ahmadi Muslim. I am not usually one for calling out a person on old tweets but this wasn’t that long ago, he can’t cover himself up from this one. You can read more about the controversy from The Evening Standard.

On a lighter note, the reactions from Twitter were priceless when the award went to Green Book. Here are just a few of my favourites;

Final thoughts.

I was intrigued to know how the Oscars were judged and have been assessed over the years, according to Collider:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is made up of around 7,000 filmmakers and film professionals, and these are the people that vote for the Oscars. You have to either go through a rigorous application process or be invited to join The Academy (almost every nominee gets an invite), and the organization itself is divided up into 17 specific branches. There’s a branch for actors, a branch for directors, a branch for editing and so on and so forth.

Okay, if you say so…

The Oscars are clearly too focused on trying to make EVERYONE happy instead of being an awards ceremony celebrating great films. They are trying to be all inclusive but in the process, they end up making terrible decisions. Politics has taken over and films are no longer being judged for artistic ability. Call me bitter, call me salty, but I can’t be the only one thinking this way. What do you think of the winners? Anything else that particularly annoys you? Let me know in the comments or follow me on twitter, @directedbyed. Just don’t say that Bohemian Rhapsody should have won otherwise, you’re blocked.

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