A Christmas Prince: Has Alex Zamm made the most lovable, clichéd & predictable film ever?

So, apparently, it’s Christmas soon. I couldn’t tell with the spontaneous trees popping up in city centres and local coffee shops making an effort to put an artistic design on a cup which we’re only going to throw away. Anyways, enough of me being a scrooge, it’s also a time for everyone to snuggle up on the sofa and watch their favourite Christmas movies with an alcoholic beverage to hand. Usually, I pick something like Elf or Love Actually believe it or not. However, I’m bored of watching the same films repeatedly every year, it’s just as bad as listening to Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is You on repeat. But, with Netflix being our new lord and saviour of boredom, we have a new contender entering the frosty ring this year.

A Christmas Prince tells the story of a young female journalist, Amber (Rose McIver) trying to excel in her career as a media professional. She works her utmost hardest to obtain the right stories to impress her boss. Unbeknownst to her, she is given the opportunity. Prince of Aldovia, Richard (Ben Lamb) is set to become king but the handsome prince is coming under fire from the local press for being a so-called playboy. Can Amber find out the truth about Richard’s whereabouts or do her feelings get in the way of her desired career path?

When it comes to Christmas movies, every one follows the same platform, same ideals and this film doesn’t stray onto any new paths. If anything, Alex Zamm has stuck religiously to the same practices as every other festive movie. It’s predictable, clichéd and crammed with the same old festivities.  Do you know what is really frustrating though? I really enjoyed it. It’s the first Christmas movie I have watched this year and it makes you feel even warmer whilst wrapping yourself in those fluffy blankets. You can’t help but smile and fall in love. Ben Lamb is classy and chiselled in his performance as the prince of a fictionalised royal household and Rose McIver is perfectly innocent in going from bland to beautiful. Alex Zamm has orchestrated and cleverly directed something that is purely saturated. He’s put what makes Christmas great all into one pot and managed to successfully pull off the unimaginable. It’s frustrating because I hate to admit it, being the scrooge I am at this time of year.

As you get older, especially me, you tend not to enjoy Christmas anymore. It’s very much something for children to enjoy. You don’t have that same innocent mind you used to have. However, Christmas movies are what makes this time of year more enjoyable. We sit on our sofas, to chill out and watch sure-fire movies. As much as this film is predictable and clichéd, there is no chance of you scrooge-ing all over it.


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