What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Vegas, baby… That’s what people tend to say once they enter and leave Vegas. I should probably never write that ever again in any form, I’m sorry. Nevertheless, Las Vegas, a place to gamble your life savings away and maybe hire a few prostitutes whilst you’re at it. Unfortunately, I am not rich, even though I am from Oxford and the stereotype has never left my side, no money was spent on gambling or prostitutes.

From day one, I was in ore of everything around me, considering this was my first time in Vegas. The hotels are spectacular and everything on the strip has your eyes averting to it whether that be fast food or the local drunk being an absolute intoxicated idiot. The first few days were admittedly spent in the shops, and that is where all of the money was spent; clothes, shoes, more clothes, I like to wear nice things, okay. For me, all of the branded products were so much cheaper than what I could get it for in the UK. I’m not a gambler myself so I thought this would be the best opportunity to buy something decent with my money. I will not go into detail about what I bought because I am definitely not some sort of beauty or fashion blogger but I bought a fair amount.

The food. Possibly some of the most deliciously filling food I’ve ever had. I was glad that I came back to the UK because honestly if I were there any longer, I would become the fattest person on the planet (over-exaggeration but literally, so good). Cheesecake Factory, why do we not have more of those in the UK? Come on now, I had some greasy Mac & Cheeseburger and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, I was so unbelievably full but I need that after a 10-hour straight flight, what made it even better was the price for the amount of food. Seriously, we need this place. We had other great meals, I even tried In-n-Out Burger, personally, it’s a bit over-rated from what I’ve heard online but it is great, the milkshakes though, best I’ve had easily.

Being 21, it was only appropriate myself and my brother went out on a night out. So, we dressed up smart, went to Omnia and saw Calvin Harris do his set live. I never usually go out with just one person, even more so my brother because he works full-time in engineering but I made friends so easily. To be fair, I was probably a bit drunk but that’s the best way to be, especially when making new friends. For those wondering, neither I or my brother pulled. We were standing right at the front cramped against each other and we happened to be in some couples area because that’s all was what was around us. I got everyone dancing, literally, there was this Asian couple standing behind me not moving whatsoever so I intervened and got them jumping and singing. The couple even took a selfie with me. Not sure why but I guess they’ll look at that photo in the future and think what a lovely English man I was. They probably won’t but I like to think they would.

The best part had to be getting a helicopter over the Grand Canyon at sunset on the last day. Everything looked so picturesque, I wish I had a thousand cameras to capture every angle possible. I was grinning from ear-to-ear, it was so amazing and beautiful to see Las Vegas from above. I recommend to anyone going to Vegas to either do sunset or sunrise, an experience to remember.

If you want to see visually the experience I had in Las Vegas, I uploaded a video with all the best bits from my trip to Las Vegas, all in one big montage. A hundred times better than taking a thousand photos and uploading them to Facebook for no one to see. Click here to watch the video. Until my next personal post, have a good one!


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