CHECKOUTED: What’s it all about?

It’s been a few days since I posted but for a good reason.

So, if you didn’t know already, I have a youtube channel under the name of ‘checkouted’. Recently, I’ve been busy filming and editing videos for the channel and pretty much, this post is just a self-promotion (I know, I’m sad).

On my channel, I upload travel and personal videos but more recently, I have started up a new series called ‘UPROAR!’ where I interview bands/artists and get to know them better for your entertainment. Today, I uploaded my interview with Deap Vally. It would be great if you could go and check that out as well as my previous videos.

What I’m needing is just some feedback, some helpful and constructive criticism to help me improve. I am a media student and a lot of my time is spent behind the camera but presenting is something I am passionate about. I know I need to improve a lot on my confidence but it’s getting there. What would push it forward is seeing more people view my content and seeing people interact with it by posting comments about the video.

That’s pretty much it. Watch, comment the good things about it and the bad and help me progress. Simples.

More film reviews and personal posts coming soon, I promise.


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